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Experience World Class Healthcare in Thailand

Your health and well being are vital to the quality of your life. Hundreds of thousands of people from North America, Europe or elsewhere have chosen to seek medical help overseas. Medical tourists travel to a foreign country to receive medical or dental care while at the same time receiving equal to or greater care than they would have in their own country.

The reasons why western patients are seeking medical help in other countries vary:

  • healthcare is too expensive at home, treatment in Thailand may cost a quarter or sometimes even a 10th of the cost at home
  • waiting lists are too long, people are frustrated by long waiting times but also can’t afford to see a physician in private practice
  • patients wish for greater confidentiality than may be feasible at home (e.g. infertility treatment, gender re-assignment surgery, face lifts and other types of cosmetic surgery)
  • patients wish to access treatments not available at home (e.g. stem cell therapy, gender re-assignment surgery)

Thailand has established its position as the world’s top tourism destination. Each year more than 1.5 million foreigners enter Thailand for medical treatment: 160,000 from North America, 300,000 from Asia, 257,000 from Europe, 152,000 from the Middle East, the rest from a wide range of other markets.

Affordable prices, no wait times combined with high levels of quality care in a country rich in culture, natural beauty and amazing food all make Thailand the first choice for many seeking medical treatment abroad. Thailand is also the land of smiles that welcomes visitors into a tropical paradise, a country known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches. This welcoming attitude is a key part of Thailand’s standard of patient care.

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